Choosing the site builder is a hard task you need to make sure that it has everything that you need to be successful. And it can differ from one business to another. As I am looking closer at the different options of the site builder I feel like WordPress is one of the best that we have in the market. Some of the free site builders like Google Sites don’t have all the tools you need to make it work right for the business aspect.

I also have some experience building the websites but not enough to build one from scratch. With WordPress, I have an option to create the layout I work without writing code and the tools that are built in to help me follow the analytics. As of right now, I feel like I should go with the ease of use that is why I will make it the most valuable parameter in my search.


When making a decision on the hosting you want to think about one thing. What is most important for you from hosting? Is it support or is it price? Because with many cheep versions you can run into a low level of customer support.

If I did not have hosting and I needed to choose one I would go with Bluehost.

This hosting has everything I need and for the price, I can afford. It is on the top 5 rated lists and gets great reviews from the users. The price is $2.95 a month. You have to sign up for a minimum of 36 months and then it will be almost $120.