Everybody Wins

If the advertisement is of high quality, everyone wins – both users, and advertisers, and Google. This is the basic principle of Google Ads. That is why we evaluate the quality of the ads.

This makes ad quality critically important to Google advertisers. How to make advertising more relevant to users using a quality indicator. The more accurately your ads meet the interests of users, the higher the quality score.

Quality Score is a rating for an ad on a scale of 1 to 10 in your Google Ads account. The term “ad quality” is closer in meaning to the rating, which determines the position of an ad during an auction. These concepts are related, but not identical.

Google Ads has a quality rating system. If your ads have good performance, their rating at the auction will also be higher, and you will get additional benefits.

  • Lower costs-per-click.
  • Better ad positions.
  • Eligibility for ad extensions and other ad formats.

Quality Score and ad ranking are not the same things. The latter is calculated during the auction and depends on many factors, including the accuracy of the request, time of day, device and location of the user.