ROI & Optimizing Ad Performance


Here is the main layout of your Account. You have 3 most important parts:

  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Keywords

To optimize the ad performance, you need to make sure you are making the right changes to all three levels of communication.

Keyword Optimization:

Here we can do a couple of things to optimize out spending and bring in more traffic.

Negative Keywords: Negative keywords are those tags that you don’t want to bid on. Say you want to sell gardening supplies, a good negative keyword would be anything that has the word “Garden” in it that is used in the context that is not in line with your business. Like “Garden State the Movie

Targeting Parameters


This is where you can choose who you are going to target, where and when. Those questions you need to ask yourself and understand your target audience. Understand their habits. Let’s say you are advertising for a paper supply company. Most of the business you will get from 9-5, while people are at work, thinking about this. So you can set the time of your ad to be Mon-Fri 9-5. Setting the time will help you to spend your money on the bids that are relevant to your goal.

Ad Text:

Optimizing what you say in the ad is very important. Do you have an eye-catching offer in the headline of your ad? The purpose of the add is to get the attention and to lead you to the main page. By providing the ad with a short and to the point description of the service you are providing will help you to be discovered and extending the right call to action will bring in more traffic.