Take Advantage of Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides an incredible insight into SEO data which is a major part of your Ranking strategy. To get more traffic you want your page to rank high in the SEO; to get the high ranking you need to pay attention to the google analytics and see what works and what does not.

The Power of Testimonials

When people come to your page, it is new to them and they need to make a decision whether to trust you or not. Testimonials are a very natural way to gain the trust of people. And many companies do that on their web pages. If you contact some of the sites that you use and ask them to add you to their testimonials, it is a very natural way to gain backlinks.

Monitor Your Keywords

Looking over the Google Ads and the Keyword Performance, look for the ones that doing good and find the web pages that use the same keywords. They can be a great opportunity for gaining backlinks. You can contact them and collaborate.


Creating Infographics for the articles you are posting is a great way to get attention and to get shares. Infographics will promote your content and will generate a higher SEO ranking.