The outcomes of this course are very helpful in the professional environment. Moving forward I will be using the skills like research and audience-focused writing and design in my personal, business and professional communications.

Even already, I have been able to implement the skills in refreshing my design resume posting the work of this course. The process of creating an infographic is a great way to get noticed in the design world. I have created professional Instagram just for the Design Portfolio and will be posting my current classwork on there go get further feedback.

The ability to choose the right tone and words, to highlight the positive outcomes is a very important skill. Creating information in a graph of an image is a combination of art and understanding of human interactions and interface. You need to be thinking about contrast ratios and layout. You need to guide the user through your design and keep them interested all the way to the end.

One of my favorite parts of the assignment was gathering the information. I think I get a better motivation and the design vision when I am working on something I enjoy studying. Gardening is something that I don’t know about but something that fascinates me. I believe that people will be freer when they learn how to grow their own food. Maybe not for their complete food storage but for the knowledge and respect that comes from it. When you know that it takes to grow the food you are more likely to be rational when buying and preparing the food.


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